Data Management

Data Management

We helpyou in creating a data management framework while keeping in mind the necessary compliance to the necessary relevant legal frameworkrequirement. We also evaluate exposure to privacy risks of data theft, leakage of Personally Identifiable Information (PII), sensitive personal information, etc., by conducting a Privacy Impact Assessment (PIA).

Data Classification:

  • Content based: This classification inspects and interprets files looking for sensitive information
  • Context based: This looks at application, location among other variables which are an indirect indicators of information.
  • User based: This depends on the manual (end-user) selection of information. This relies on user knowledge and discretion at creation, edit, review, or dissemination to flag sensitive documents.

Why is Data Classification important?

  • It is when classified that you can apply controls over the data flow and the necessary restrictions can be put in place to keep unwanted incidents at bay.
  • Classification of data saves time and money because you are able to see what is important and what is not thereby reducing the time variable the increasing the overall efficiency.